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Nintendo WiiU Emulator

After Nintendo has brought to the world Wii that was first created and given to gamers during the year 2008, Nintendo now brings to us Wii U. After recognizing the challenges and limitations that the Wii console has given gamers and lovers of different game genres, WiiU was created to give its owners a much better, much more fun game play than the first Wii.


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What's new in the WiiU

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The Wii console was known to have limited network infrastructure and admittedly, the lack of HD and was deemed a different class of console to Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Because of Wii's limitations and the difficulty it has given gamers from all over the world, the Nintendo team decided to create a new gaming console - thus Nintendo Wii U was created!

The Wii U is a system we will all enjoy together, but this console was custom made entirely just for you! Thus, the acronym was sat down next with “Wii” as “WiiU” – understood as “We You”. The new Wii U controller is different from anything you've ever held in your hand or even played before; it is complex but also at the same time very simple. Wii U gives you the chance to draw on the new Wii controller just like a drawing tablet itself that gaming artists would enjoy! With the Nintendo Wii U controller, you can make video calls just like the ones you’ve had with your PC and with the WiiU controller; you can go through the internet to browse with the help of this new controller.

wii u emulator With the new Wii U controller, comes the capability for one to share a video and even a photo from their Nintendo Wii U remote, to the Television set itself! And not only that, WiiU gives gamers the detail that they've always wanted in a game, as many gamers thrive and live through the quality of the entire game play, making them feel like a real part of a game itself.


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The new gaming console, Nintendo Wii U that Nintendo has brought to the gaming industry is incredible! WiiU not only does it give you the chance to taste a new gaming experience but it also serves as a portable computer as well as a drawing tablet!

With all these being featured in the new Wii U console, I’m sure that gamers all over the world is dying to get their shaky gaming-printed hands on, and for those who weren’t gamers before will be intrigued with the range of capabilities and opportunities that this new Nintendo Wii U console gives to the world.

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